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Übersetzungen für four-by-four im Englisch» Deutsch-Wörterbuch von PONS Online:four-by-four. Four-by-four Definition: a vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele. four-by-four Bedeutung, Definition four-by-four: a vehicle whose engine supplies power to all four wheels instead of the usual two, so that it can travel easily over.

Dear God, do not let this connection forever ruin Raylan Givens for me. I could go on, but I won't. Basically, the author has taken equal parts Superman, X-Men, and Twilight , blended them together in a concoction as delightful as swill and served it with a heaping side-order of teenage angst, a la "I feel so out of place and no one understands me.

Maybe it's because I'm really different. And not the short bus special, but really special special. I'm in favor of anything that gets them to read, but this is too predictable for most adults or teenagers with more literary sensibilities.

Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder View all 18 comments. You know the characterization sucks when the best character in the book is the dog View all 5 comments.

Aug 21, Michelle. OK, I loved this book. The whole concept of the book was amazing! But I got this weird vibe coming from deep within me after I finished reading the book.

And it really annoyed me and angered me. Here I am, just finished reading this amazing book, and i have this weird vibe just radiating from me.

It took me a few days to figure out what it was, so I will explain to you what the OK, I loved this book. It took me a few days to figure out what it was, so I will explain to you what the weird vibe was.

I felt like the book should have been longer. It just felt like everything was happened too fast even though it had an average speed.

That my head was thinking something totally different than my body. My body was thinking something else.

Which is really creepy in my opinion. The book should have just been longer. Stupid random weird body feeling that have a mind of their own.

I wonder why that had to happen Message me if you wanna know. I gave this book 4 stars because of my annoying weird feeling that made me cut it down.

There is one thing I am confused about though If Sam went with them, wouldn't anyone notice that he isn't there?

Other than Sarah and Mark but Dec 02, Scarlet Cameo rated it did not like it. En fin, una perdida de tiempo.

May 15, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is an entertaining and easy read. It reminds you of Superman plus X-men which means this book contains a really cool story with really cool characters.

The story begins so intensely, it grabbed my focus immediately. Its movie adaptation is good enough, though not as good as the book.

I wonder when the movie sequels will come. Sep 19, Sh3llraiser marked it as to-read Shelves: I mean, cray cray mixed.

I mean, aliens, right? Jul 12, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. I cannot believe I waited so long to start this series! I am going to go get the others at the library throughout the next few weeks.

This is a very fascinating plot and the characters are so likeable! Dec 14, Annalisa rated it liked it Shelves: Years ago I was watching The X-Files movie and during the climax scene Mulder and Scully need to get out of some remote, creepy warehouse before the building is destroyed probably by aliens; it was always aliens that messed up Mulder's plans, and the show.

Once upon a time X-Files was one of my favorite shows until they fell on the alien crutch every singe episode and gave up on coming up with with cool sci-fi explanations for the unexplained.

Aliens ruin another good story, sigh. But I digress Years ago I was watching The X-Files movie and during the climax scene Mulder and Scully need to get out of some remote, creepy warehouse before the building is destroyed probably by aliens; it was always aliens that messed up Mulder's plans, and the show.

But I digress, back to the movie. Only Mulder and Scully aren't running or scheming or even freaking out. They're talking, without a hint of panic, while in my brain I'm shouting at them "Move!

Or you're going to die! Okay, fine, if you're not worried about your predicament, I don't know why I should be. Big, tense scene coming up, but instead of the characters being proactive or planning or running or doing anything at all, they sit around and wait for the cool action scenes to fall upon them.

For all their awesome powers and abilities, they don't do much to fight or consider the obvious strategies that would get them out of their predicaments.

I wish the author more ranting about that later would have planned the segues and logistics behind those scenes that will look cool on the big screen instead focusing so much on the action so I didn't find myself rolling my eyes so much in the last hundred pages.

All the workings were there for a great climax if it had just been crafted a little better. But let's talk about the rest of the book.

The premise is that nine alien children from a destroyed planet are hiding out on earth until they develop their powers and are strong enough to fight back.

But their destroyers are on earth tracking and killing the children one by one. The novel begins when the first three have been killed and number four knows he's next.

I'm not a huge fan of alien plot stories, but it was a good premise, and I was hooked from the first page.

The balance of answering my questions while keeping me intrigued about what I didn't know until I cared enough about number four to find out the rest of his story was perfectly done.

That balance of pacing is something that is very hard to get just right in commercial fiction and it's done just right here to keep to you glued to the story.

In fact, until the climax read like a choreographed fight, I probably would have given this four stars. I liked number four never really came to think of him as John and was vested in his story, and while I think Sarah could have been better defined, more than just gorgeous and empty, for an action book, the characterization wasn't bad.

Sometimes alien was too-convenient answer, there were some holes and mistakes that most people probably wouldn't stop to think about, and the chameleon was way too obvious, but overall I found the description of this other planet and people interesting and well done.

Very imaginative and creative. Normally I'd think present tense would be perfect for a fast-paced action story, but something about the dry short, choppy sentences a guy obviously wrote this coupled with the present tense rated on my nerves as childish.

But all of that is details. The story was good and I can see why people are caught up in it and why it's been optioned as a movie.

The bad news comes in the form of the sequel What's worse is that Frey owns the rights to the work and doesn't have to use the author's writing or credit him in anyway.

You can read the abysmal contract here. A guy named Jobie Hughes is one of the authors who took up Frey's offer in hopes of making a name for himself in the publishing industry.

I Am Number Four is his creation, thus the pseudonym. He has since parted ways with Frey good for him , but he doesn't own the rights to his baby.

So if there is a sequel, he will not be the one to write it. All of this did nothing to change my opinion of the book only Frey , but it is disheartening to see a promising series get lost in a war over money.

Jun 23, Mizuki added it Shelves: I don't plan to read that book. But right now I'm watching the movie Here's a few things I noticed Plus, since the main character is a boy instead of a girl, so we got a Pretty Blond Girl instead of a Prince I don't plan to read that book.

Plus, since the main character is a boy instead of a girl, so we got a Pretty Blond Girl instead of a Prince Charming, Bullies instead of a Queen Bee, but the Geek is still the Geek here 4 The soundtracks of the movie are damn annoying.

Because being ugly or bad looking usually is a sign of being evil, and God forbid the good guys to be anything less than good looking!

And I have decided I'm not going to get anywhere near the book! View all 16 comments. Mar 28, Evangelin rated it really liked it Shelves: I was addicted to this book because of the concept of this book.

I will explain to you in short about the story line. Ever wondered that maybe all of them who are in this world aren't normal people?

What if they have special powers?? Even your best friend could be one of them. Nine people along with their guardians are on a run.

They come from a far away planet called Lorian which is ten times smaller than Ear "I Am Number Four" is an interesting novel packed with action,YA and romance.

They come from a far away planet called Lorian which is ten times smaller than Earth. All of them look just like us. Go to high school like us.

But they are not us. They have special powers. Their planet,Lorien,had been attacked and destroyed. The nine of them Garde and their guardians Cepan are the only ones who have survived.

They arrived on Earth and have parted ways. They are in hiding in different parts of the world. Before the had left the planet,the elders of that planet had put a charm and linked them all together so that if one of them dies the others will know it.

And they can be killed only according to their number. The nine of them are the only hope of that planet. They have to get together before the people who attacked their planet attacks kills them.

Number one was caught in Malaysia. Number two in England. Number three in Kenya. John Smith has been moving from place to place his entire life.

He is in hiding. He cannot make friends and have a normal life because he isn't normal. John is number four. He knows that he is next.

He must be ready to fight back or face the worst-death. This novel is stunning and worth a try. I really liked the story line.

I would recommend it to readers who like paranormal activity. I'm looking forward to reading the next book of the series. Mar 26, Cat rated it did not like it.

I'm not sure what "I Am Number Four" is doing here on a website dedicated to reviewing books, because whatever this thing is a travesty?

It's a disgrace to real books, which isn't quite the same thing. That's how awful this piece of writing is. It's so awful I can't bring myself to call it a book, even though it's masquerading as one for tax purposes.

Heed my warning, gentle reader: I don't know you, but I know you're better than this. I have fa I'm not sure what "I Am Number Four" is doing here on a website dedicated to reviewing books, because whatever this thing is a travesty?

I have faith in you. My pep talk isn't enough, you say? You need further convincing? Here's another reason to stay away from this contemptible excuse for a novel: A thousand curses upon your rating system, O Goodreads, for making it impossible to give a book 0 stars - this "book" has 0 redeeming qualities and deserves a corresponding rating.

Jul 08, Eric Allen rated it liked it. Okay, he's made quite a few horrible movies, but I Am Number Four stands out amongst them as having the absolute worst acting I have EVER seen put to film in my life, and keep in mind I've been through college film-making courses where I had to watch quite a few awful student films.

Let's put it this way, a puppet manipulated by Frank Oz would have been a thousand times more expressive, emotive, and realistic than the guy they got to play the lead.

Despite the horrible acting, it wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, though I wouldn't ever actually call it good. This movie went into production before the final draft of the book was even completed, and Bay has been quoted in saying that a lot of the differences in the story stem from that.

Naturally, after seeing the movie, and reading up a bit on the production history and the history of the book that it was based upon, I was intrigued enough to pick up a copy of the book from my local library.

They have fifteen copies. None of them were checked out. That is usually a pretty good indication of something I Am Number Four follows Four, a.

John Smith, an alien from the planet Lorien, now laid to waste by another alien race called the Moggadorians. Nine children, members of the Lorien Garde, destined to develop super human powers and abilities that they will one day use to take Lorien back, were sent to Earth, each with a protector, to hide, grow, and train.

John and his guardian Henri have moved from town to town every few months for the past eleven years. John barely remembers his home world, his parents, or what he is supposed to be fighting for.

The Lorien children have a charm placed upon them that they can only be killed in order. Three are dead, and John is next. Upon moving to the town of Paradise Ohio, John begins to develop his powers, or Legacies, super speed, strength, the ability to shine lights from his hands, an immunity to heat and energy weapons, and the ability to move objects with his mind.

He has run ins with the school bully, falls in love with the prettiest girl in school, and generally behaves like a typical teenaged girl yes, I said girl, and if you read this book, you'll see why until the Moggadorians find him and the battle for survival ensues.

Despite having two authors, one--James Frey--an idea stealing, lying, worthless waste of human life who can't find a fire to die in fast enough for my tastes, this book is relatively well written.

Which is hardly ever the case with collaboration pieces. Check out the Left Behind series for a good example of why more than one author is a bad, baaaaaad idea.

The history of Lorien, the mystery of its fall, and of John and the other numbers' mission on Earth are all pretty well paced. I typically absolutely despise the first person present tense viewpoint used to tell the story.

Where it was a constant irritant to me in The Hunger Games, and caused me to stop reading several times before I finally managed to slog my way through it, it is not overly distracting here.

I attribute this to the fact that I Am Number Four is written by decent authors, and Suzanne Collins couldn't write anything decent to save her life.

The book was interesting enough, well paced enough, and written well enough that I was willing to forgive the use of present tense, and first person.

The climax of this book is very good and rather exciting, putting that of the movie absolutely to shame. The writers actually managed to out Michael Bay Michael Bay, and since John is slightly more emotive than the block of wood playing the lead in the movie, it's a lot more satisfying to see him succeed.

The book builds up to it perfectly, and everything pays off spectacularly in a final confrontation at the school between two of the numbers and a whole army of Moggadorians.

It's a quick, easy, and generally enjoyable read for anyone who likes science fiction, or saw and enjoyed the movie. There are several factors that go into my ratings for books.

Does the book have a good story? Does the book have good Characters? Does the book build up to a satisfying climax?

Is the book well written? This book had the story. It had the satisfying climax. It had generally good writing. But the characters were all just cookie-cutter stereotypes without a shred of personality.

John is a generic teenaged boy stereotype. His friend Sam is a generic sci-fi nerd stereotype. His girlfriend is the generic girlfriend stereotype.

The bully is a generic high school douchebag stereotype. Henri is a generic father figure stereotype. It reminds me somewhat of the actors in the movie.

Maybe they weren't just horrible actors after all and they were just doing the best they could with the material. Almost every character in this book is bland, boring, and without a shred of real personality.

There is nothing to define them as characters and make them stand out. They're like stick figures filling in for real characters because the authors were too busy building up the back story to bother filling in the people that the book is about.

When you don't really care about the people that the book is about, it's hard to care what happens to them. When it's hard to care what happens to the characters, it's hard to become invested in the plot.

When you're not invested in the plot, then there isn't usually much conflict and tension, and any action or climactic events become meaningless.

Good, well developed, well rounded characters are integral to a good story. And when a book doesn't have them, relying completely on generic stereotypes instead, it takes away quite a bit from the experience.

I was still interested in the story, and the mystery of what was going on. The writing was good enough to keep me going to the end. Despite not really caring much about any of the characters, the climax was pretty exciting.

However, it all could have been so much more so if only the writers had taken a little extra time and effort to come up with decent characters to act it all out.

In conclusion, despite a number of things against it, I did enjoy this book. I would have enjoyed it more if there were some actual, real characters, but it's a fun and quick enough read without.

This book did lack the incredibly important element of real characters that a reader can get behind and care about because they're all bland, boring, generic cardboard cut-outs without a shred of real personality.

I enjoyed everything else about the book, even though it was co-written by someone whom I wish would die at his earliest possible convenience, making the world a better place with his absence, but it could have been so much more.

Because of the lack of well developed characters, I'm giving this book three stars. It was FAR better than the movie, and did keep me entertained for an afternoon, despite it's vices.

I wouldn't go so far as to call this a good book, but it's not bad if you've got a spare afternoon and nothing else to do.

Sometimes I want to take a break from the heavy stuff I typically read with something simple and fun, and this book fit the bill.

Check out my other reviews. A few years ago I heard about a movie called District 9. The majority of people I spoke to seemed to love it.

One day my dad brought a copy home from the DVD store, and against my better instinct decided to watch it. I firmly believed that-being about aliens, spaceships and full of action-I would hate it.

I thought it would be a 'geekish' movie, but none the less decided to give in to my dads pestering and watch it. Turns out I completely misjudged the movie.

It wasnt bad or geekish, It was amazing. I added it to my list of favorite films, and decided to never judge sci-fi movies again. Skip forward to early I had my eye on this since September, but when I found out about the main character being an alien, and having a lot of backstory about a sort of space-war, I wasnt so sure.

Okay, enough bad movie comparisons, onto the proper review: My mind was blown. I loved this book! Pittacus Lore-whoever he is-did everything right.

The pacing was perfect, I cared for the characters, the style was perfectly readable and the scenery was wonderfully visual. Firstly, I am going to rant about the good stuff, and at the reviews end I have a tiny complaint.

But first, the characters: He is my favorite character all year. He is a pretty cool guy. And I liked his personality.

I agree with one of my friends reviews, he would make a good boyfriend: She was so likable! Later, whilst watching the trailer I am pleased to see Dianna Agron!

They cast her as Sarah! Whoever was behind that deserves a pat on the back. Possibly my favorite character, at least in the top two. He was the awesome, kick-but, protective, chilled back father figure.

I kept imagining him as a cross between Stanley Tucci and Henri Leconte. I liked her appearance, but would have loved some more information on what she has been doing for the past 10 years, where she has been hiding, how her guardian was killed etc etc.

This is awesome for a number of reasons: But I digress, moving on: As I previously mentioned, this was spot-on perfect! The book starts with a short, well written addicting hook.

Then we are filled in on the characters and their lives, and presented with a problem. For a hundred pages or so, their is a focus on a cute relationship between characters, whilst the suspense of being hunted down rises-and we learn important facts about the main character.

Then comes a 50 page block of suspense, and a bit of action, which is a small preview of what is to come.

Then there is a crisis-important stuff happens cant say or it would be a spoiler! There was not a dull part, and Mr. Lore or should I say Jobie Hughs?

No idea what Im talking about? The writing style was great. Descriptive scenery, suspenseful prose , and surprisingly sweet romantic scenes. I could clearly the the small town-John's house, the school, the forest.

All wonderfully written-or maybe it was just me over imagining things? Oh, and John and Sarah were incredibly cute together: Now, onto a few problems I had with the book: I know I said that this book has had the best character ive read about all year-but they still need work.

They still need some more depth. Especially Sam, Mark and Number 6. The battle was almost hard to read with these character, since they seemed so darn flat.

Hopefully we see all the characters develop in the highly anticipated sequel The Power of Six. The title either means we see loads of 6-the character-Teressa Palmer making us Adelaidian's proud!

Okay, so this is the main thing that holds this book down from 5 stars. We are told that the Mogadorians killed most of the Lorics for their resources, and they want to do the same to Earth.

Syntactically, the first figure indicates the total number of wheels or more precisely: So 4x2 means a four-wheel vehicle that transmits engine torque to only two axle-ends: If this vehicle were a truck with dual rear wheels on two rear axles, so actually having ten wheels, its configuration would still be formulated as 6x4.

Four-wheel drive 4WD refers to vehicles with two axles providing torque to four axle ends. In the North American market the term generally refers to a system that is optimized for off-road driving conditions.

Typical AWD systems work well on all surfaces, but are not intended for more extreme off-road use. Some all-wheel drive electric vehicles solve this challenge using one motor for each axle, thereby eliminating a mechanical differential between the front and rear axles.

An example of this is the dual motor variant of the Tesla Model S , which on a millisecond scale can control the torque distribution electronically between its two motors.

Individual-wheel drive IWD is used to describe electric vehicles with each wheel being driven by its own electric motor.

This system essentially has inherent characteristics that would be generally attributed to four-wheel drive systems like the distribution of the available torque to the wheels.

This can have drastic effects, as in better handling in tight corners. The term IWD can refer to a vehicle with any number of wheels. For example, the Mars rovers are 6-wheel IWD.

The standard subdivides AWD systems into three categories. Part-Time AWD systems require driver intervention to couple and decouple the secondary axle from the primarily driven axle and these systems do not have a center differential or similar device.

The definition notes that part-time systems may have a low range. Full-Time AWD systems drive both front and rear axles at all times via a center inter-axle differential.

The torque split of that differential may be fixed or variable depending on the type of center differential. This system can be used on any surface at any speed.

The definition does not address inclusion or exclusion of a low range gear. On-Demand AWD systems drive the secondary axle via an active or passive coupling device or "by an independently powered drive system".

The standard notes that in some cases the secondary drive system may also provide the primary vehicle propulsion.

An example is a hybrid AWD vehicle where the primary axle is driven by an internal combustion engine and secondary axle is driven by an electric motor.

When the internal combustion engine is shut off the secondary, electrically driven axle is the only driven axle.

On-demand systems function primarily with only one powered axle until torque is required by the second axle. At that point either a passive or active coupling sends torque to the secondary axle.

In addition to the above primary classifications the J standard notes secondary classifications resulting in a total of eight system designations:.

Two wheels fixed to the same axle turn at the same speed as a vehicle goes around curves. This either forces one to slip, if possible, to balance the apparent distance covered, or creates uncomfortable and mechanically stressful wheel hop.

To prevent this the wheels are allowed to turn at different speeds using a mechanical or hydraulic differential. This allows one driveshaft to independently drive two output shafts, axles that go from the differential to the wheel, at different speeds.

The differential does this by distributing angular force in the form of torque evenly, while distributing angular velocity turning speed such that the average for the two output shafts is equal to that of the differential ring gear.

When powered each axle requires a differential to distribute power between the left and right sides. When power is distributed to all four wheels a third or 'center' differential can be used to distribute power between the front and rear axles.

The described system handles extremely well, as it is able to accommodate various forces of movement and distribute power evenly and smoothly, making slippage unlikely.

Once it does slip, however, recovery is difficult. If the left front wheel of a 4WD vehicle slips on an icy patch of road, for instance, the slipping wheel will spin faster than the other wheels due to the lower traction at that wheel.

Since a differential applies equal torque to each half-shaft, power is reduced at the other wheels, even if they have good traction. This problem can happen in both 2WD and 4WD vehicles, whenever a driven wheel is placed on a surface with little traction or raised off the ground.

The simplistic design works acceptably well for 2WD vehicles. It is much less acceptable for 4WD vehicles, because 4WD vehicles have twice as many wheels with which to lose traction, increasing the likelihood that it may happen.

However, since torque is divided amongst four wheels rather than two, each wheel receives approximately half the torque of a 2WD vehicle, reducing the potential for wheel slip.

Many differentials have no way of limiting the amount of engine power that gets sent to its attached output shafts. As a result, if a tire loses traction on acceleration, either because of a low-traction situation e.

In very low traction situations, this can prevent the vehicle from moving at all. To overcome this, there are several designs of differentials that can either limit the amount of slip these are called 'limited-slip' differentials or temporarily lock the two output shafts together to ensure that engine power reaches all driven wheels equally.

Locking differentials work by temporarily locking together a differential's output shafts, causing all wheels to turn at the same rate, providing torque in case of slippage.

This is generally used for the center differential, which distributes power between the front and the rear axles.

While a drivetrain that turns all wheels equally would normally fight the driver and cause handling problems, this is not a concern when wheels are slipping.

The two most common factory-installed locking differentials use either a computer-controlled multi-plate clutch or viscous coupling unit to join the shafts, while other differentials more commonly used on off-road vehicles generally use manually operated locking devices.

In the multi-plate clutch the vehicle's computer senses slippage and locks the shafts, causing a small jolt when it activates, which can disturb the driver or cause additional traction loss.

In the viscous coupling differentials the shear stress of high shaft speed differences causes a dilatant fluid in the differential to become solid, linking the two shafts.

This design suffers from fluid degradation with age and from exponential locking behavior. A third approach to limiting slippage is taken by a Torsen differential.

A Torsen differential allows the output shafts to receive different amounts of torque. This design does not provide for traction when one wheel is spinning freely, where there is no torque, but provides excellent handling in less extreme situations.

A fairly recent innovation in automobiles is electronic traction control. Traction control typically uses a vehicle's braking system to slow a spinning wheel.

This forced slowing emulates the function of a limited-slip differential, and, by using the brakes more aggressively to ensure wheels are being driven at the same speed, can also emulate a locking differential.

It should be noted that this technique normally requires wheel sensors to detect when a wheel is slipping, and only activates when wheel slip is detected.

Therefore, there is typically no mechanism to actively prevent wheel slip i. If preventing all-wheel slip is a requirement, this is a limiting design.

Mohan describes the modes as follows:. The drive to the other axle is disconnected. The operating torque split ratio is 0: Four Wheel Drive 4WD Mode - Here, depending on the nature of torque transfer to the axles, three sub-modes below can be defined.

In addition to these basic modes there could be implementations that combine these modes. The system could have a clutch across the center differential, for example, capable of modulating the front axle torque from a Full-time mode with the In , before the establishment of a modern automotive industry in Britain, English engineer Bramah Joseph Diplock patented a four-wheel-drive system for a steam-powered traction engine , [14] including four-wheel steering and three differentials , which was subsequently built.

The development also incorporated Bramah's Pedrail wheel system in what was one of the first four-wheel-drive automobiles to display an intentional ability to travel on challenging road surfaces.

It stemmed from Bramagh's previous idea of developing an engine that would reduce the amount of damage to public roads. Ferdinand Porsche designed and built a four-wheel-driven electric vehicle for the k.

The vehicle was a series hybrid car, that used an electric hub motor at each wheel, powered by batteries, which were in turn charged by a gasoline-engine generator.

The world's first four-wheel drive car directly powered by an internal combustion engine, and the first with a front-engine, four-wheel-drive layout was the Dutch Spyker 60 H.

Commissioned for the Paris to Madrid race of , it was presented that year by brothers Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker of Amsterdam.

Later used as a hill-climb racer, it is now an exhibit in the Louwman Museum the former Nationaal Automobiel Museum in the Hague , the Netherlands.

Designs for four-wheel drive in America came from the Twyford Company of Brookville, Pennsylvania in , six were made there around ; one still exists and is displayed annually.

The first four-wheel drive vehicles to go into mass-production were built by what became the American Four Wheel Drive Auto Company FWD of Wisconsin , founded in [21] not to be confused with the term "FWD" as an acronym for front-wheel drive.

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View all 6 comments. So aren't we going to watch the movie anymore? I think the dog was really cute and Number Six Beste Spielothek in Belfort finden really cool in the tabelle liga 1. There is no universally accepted set of terminology to describe the various architectures and functions. A thousand curses upon your rating system, O, for making it impossible to give a book 0 stars - this euro champions league 2019 has 0 redeeming qualities and hsv bayern ergebnisse a corresponding rating. Despite not really caring much about any of the characters, the climax was pretty exciting. I removed my review and all the comments. We are the superheroes you worship in movies and comic books--but we are real. His first the royals deutsch stream with a random Dauntless girl is europas beste online casinos 5 minutes long and I laughed a lot. Yes Do you think you could pass my class?????!!!?!?!?!

From , the band conformed only by Pedro Quiles and the brothers Javier and George Montes has changed their music style from Latin pop , salsa and ballad to Christian music.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Son By Four. Studio albums [ edit ] Son by Four Purest of Pain Mujer Frente a la Cruz Other albums [ edit ] Retrieved from " https: Puerto Rican musical groups Salsa music groups Musical groups established in Christian musical groups Sony Discos artists Latin pop music groups.

Articles with hCards Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 20 March , at I don't want to spoil the Divergent trilogy for anyone who hasn't read it.

I will say you have to read it though! It's one of my favorite series, ever!! Fans of the Divergent book series not the movie and fans of Tobias.

I think I'm going to die. Buy the book, read it, love it then die. I bought the book. I'm gonna die soon.

Jun 28, Laz rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can't help sobbing right now because I just realized that I've read about everything Divergent as of now.

I can always re-read the books and novellas but I'm not ever going to read about Tris or Tobias in new adventures.

I've loved this characters for so long. I've cherished them for so long. They both hold a place in my heart. It's been a year since I read Allegiant and I'm still sad and stunned about it.

With these novellas a chapter just closed, I think. Tobias is one of the most incredible I can't help sobbing right now because I just realized that I've read about everything Divergent as of now.

Tobias is one of the most incredible characters ever written. He's not just tough as nails, he's also sensitive and he's not just loving, he's caring.

He is a character with a lot of shit in his past, I think we all know that. Despite that, he didn't let it pull him down.

He grew past his problems and he became an amazing human being. In these novellas, we see his progress into being a human.

He is hateful in the beginning, he doesn't crack a smile, he doesn't laugh, he doesn't love but we learn that in time he changes into someone with not just a past, but into someone who knows he's got a future.

He is not a delusional character, he know who he is, he knows what he is and what he's about. He doesn't just stand by and watch everything go down in flames, he does something about it instead.

Just like Allegiant, I loved loved loved the way Mrs. Roth presents us his mind. I love his point of view more than anything.

I love his beliefs, and I love who he is and I love the fact that he is not afraid of being afraid. In the last novella, The Traitor , we see how he falls in love.

How it's not just beauty that sings to him but also the personality, he falls in love out of the pure emotions that girl, Tris, triggers in him.

He doesn't find her gorgeous, he finds her interesting. His first instinct isn't that of protection, he wants to push her until she breaks just so see how brave and tough she is.

She is the first person he felt emotions towards to, and by that I don't mean friendly feelings. He learned to love. He and Tris learned to love each other, together.

No, no, they didn't learn to love each other, they just loved each other more by loving one another. That's what it took for them to fall in love together, a brush of their hands, a gentle move..

At some point I'm going to grow so homesick of this series and I'll grab them and read them again because I just can't not love them as much as I do.

My first reaction to the book While I was reading Yup that sums it up. View all 10 comments. Me ha costado, de alguna manera, verme atrapado en la novela.

Sin embargo, no creo que las historias le hagan justicia como personaje. Me costaba coger el libro para leerlo, y me he tenido que obligar en ocasiones a terminar alguna de las historias.

Las tres escenas con Tris contadas desde el punto de vista de Cuatro son un contenido extra bastante En definitiva, no son historias del todo malas, pero no aportan nada.

Como dice Goodreads con esta nota: Jul 28, Natalie Monroe rated it liked it Recommends it for: She has that side, too, she must have it.

I saw the way she looked when she beat Molly, like she was going to keep going whether her opponent was unconscious or not. Maybe she and I are the same.

We all remember the disaster that is Allegiant. Tris and Four's voice are totally indistinguishable. Reading a novella entirely in his POV has made me all the more sure.

I don't think it's Roth being unable to write a believable male "I look down at her. I don't think it's Roth being unable to write a believable male POV.

It's a narrative problem; she is incapable of changing style. Of course, we won't know for sure until her untitled duology comes out, but it's my verdict for now.

What's there to talk about in this collection of short stories? The complete and utter pointlessness. We don't learn anything about Four the original series hasn't told us.

He's selfless, a Tris carbon copy, yadda, yadda, yadda. We get the Midnight Sun treatment during romantic scenes between him and Tris.

I don't know if it's an Abnegation thing, but his thoughts are far too clean for an year-old boy. Uber Divergent fans will gobble this collection up like cake.

For the casual reader, a. Mar 06, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was just perfection. I couldn't be any more happy with this little skydive back into the Divergent world.

I love Veronica Roth's books so, so much and Four was awesome. I mean just look at him. Isn't he so approachable?!

Yes yes, of course. There's a collection of four duh short stories and the whole book comes to around pages. SO not enough, if you want my opinion. I'm almost disappointed at how short some where.

But anyway, let's break this down, shall we? I loved this one the most, I think. It really showed Four when he was Tobias And just his longing for a better life and absolute resignation at being beaten by Marcus.

This was probably the most powerfully written one. I wish it'd been longer. My only critique is I mean, Four would've had to go to school NO ONE took an interest in him?

Even Tris, curious little Tris, never knew much about him and definitely didn't recognise his face when Divergent kicks off.

This is when Tobias turns into Four. I love getting to know a smaller Shauna and Zeke too. Back in the good ol' days when the training made sense and wasn't run by Eric.

Okay, though, I have to admit, Eric wasn't scary an intimidating enough. I thought he'd have more of a rivalry going with Four, but Eric is basically in the background.

Not really sure why it's called that? Because Four has an angry dark side. He's getting all tall and strong now. No, I'm not swooning, why do you ask?

Training to be a leader. I figure these aren't spoilers because we know them from Divergent. Obviously he doesn't become a leader, and you find out why.

This one is fills in some backstory about Jeanine. It includes a lot of scenes we already know from Tris' POV. I have to admit this is my least favourite.

I'd already read this stuff. I was just seeing it from Four's moody POV. I love Four, don't get me wrong, but his thoughts during a situation didn't seem altogether different from Tris'.

Especially going through is fear landscape. And Tris didn't seem alive and off the paper to me. I love Tris too. He was crushing on her soooo early and she never knew it.

Four sucks with girls. His first date with a random Dauntless girl is like 5 minutes long and I laughed a lot. I love each book and this was perfection.

I wanted to give it 4-stars because Part of me wants to give it 5 stars just because. The logical side of me that is trying to look at things objectively says otherwise.

Here are the facts: The little bit Yes, I know. The little bit of new information we get is great for a fangirl, but just ok for your every day read.

You see what I did there, right? Anyway, we do get a couple stories that show us what his life was like and why he changed factions. But we already kind of knew it.

It elaborated points already covered in the Divergent series. And it also gave us snippets of scenes from Divergent but from Four's perspective that made me giggle incessantly.

If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times, Roth makes me relive my teenage awkward first love like no other author has done before her.

If nothing else, this was an awesome guilty pleasure read! Four can fill my void anytime Wait, what? For Divergent junkies like me, you will probably love it.

For people who hate the series, avoid it like the plague. But just know this: This books wrecks every little part of me. I had forgotten how much i loved Tobias Eaton.

It's amazing to get to see Divergent through Tobias' point of view. His fear landescape, his initiation as a Dauntless And the way he thought about Tris as "her" like there was no other.

I need to talk to someone. I need to trust someone. View all 4 comments. Jan 31, Mariah rated it it was amazing.

It had been an long time since I read the Divergent series, so it is nice getting back into it: When reading the Initiate these were the thoughts that were going through my mind.

I do wish there was more development in the extra characters in the story. I wish I knew their histories and backgrounds more, but I understand that Four was an introvert and didn't interact with them much, so it makes since that he wouldn't know this info It had been an long time since I read the Divergent series, so it is nice getting back into it: I wish I knew their histories and backgrounds more, but I understand that Four was an introvert and didn't interact with them much, so it makes since that he wouldn't know this information about them.

Also, in Divergent some people did not make the cut, some were hurt outside of the designed fights, some left to become factionless, etc.

I wish a little bit of this would have happened just to keep it even more interesting. I am so impressed by Veronica's writing ability.

Everything that I wish was different because it was "boring" or "simple" had a purpose behind it and was explained in this book.

She is a great writer and this book is very addictive. I like these books way more than 2nd and 3rd books in the trilogy.

I loved reading about Tris and Four meeting and getting to know each other from his perspective: I love this story and it was such a nice taste to read a book that I really enjoyed from a different main character's perspective.

Authors should write more of these: I suggest this book to anyone who has read Divergent. Een mooie toevoeging aan de Divergent-serie!

Mijn recensie kan je hier lezen: La primera es The Transfer Divergent, 0. No es que encontremos algo nuevo, en absoluto, pero es su voz, con sus inseguridades y esperanzas y miedos.

Era duro, fuerte incluso cuando su padre era un idiota y estaba decidido a reescribir su propia historia. La segunda historia es The Initiate Divergent, 0.

La tercera parte es The Son Divergent, 0. Su padre no le cree, por supuesto. Jul 09, Denisse rated it it was ok. Truth sucks, I know.

If you're a fan, go read it! It's a good move, yhea. It doesn't change the fact that it is shit. The only good thing: Four's friendship with Zeke and Shauna.

There it is that's all I got. At the end of the day Roth can't go worst than Allegiant. So, yes, do with that whatever you want.

Realmente no lo entiendo, si no tienes nada nuevo que decir, pues no digas nada! Y eso es todo lo que tengo que decir.

I really wish I didn't read this book in less than 24 hours. I can't believe the series is really over.

So sad its over. Reading about Four's point of view in situations and his life brought so many feels and his first encounter with Tris View all 7 comments.

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