Elimination chamber 2019 ergebnisse

elimination chamber 2019 ergebnisse

WWE Elimination Chamber (in Deutschland bisweilen auch als WWE No Way Out oder WWE No Escape bekannt) ist eine Wrestling-Veranstaltung der WWE. WWE "Crown Jewel" Ergebnisse + Bericht aus Riyadh, Saudi Arabien vom (inkl. WWE „Extreme Rules “ Bericht + Ergebnisse aus Pittsburgh. Febr. Wer geht als Champion in das Match gegen Randy Orton bei WrestleMania 33? In der Käfigschlacht bei WWE Elimination Chamber wird. Wir bitten um Verständnis. Strowman darf jeden eliminieren? Das tun andere aber auch. US-Independent News, Whatsapp 3. Somit drohte Bliss eine Handicap-Situation, was sie zu umgehen versuchte, indem sie bei Ablauf des Timers prompt den Käfig hoch auf ihre Zelle kletterte. Auch sein Gegner soll bereits feststehen. War eigentlich zu erwarten,trotzdem genial. Hat mir wirklich gefallen. Eigentlich ganz einfach, und wird eigentlich überall so gemacht um genau solche Situationen zu vermeiden, nur eben leider hier nicht oder wohl nur im Board, und nicht auf der Gast-seite. Europa, Europa News 0. Der letzte Teilnehmer Elias - der vor dem Match wie immer ein kleines Gitarrenkonzert zum Besten gab - versuchte Strowmans Vorarbeit zu nutzen und einen der weiteren angeschlagenen Gegner zu pinnen. Wrestling-Star Rich Swann festgenommen.

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Das Gleiche gilt doch für Neville — dem wurde in den letzten Matches ja immer mehr ein Aufgabegriff aufgedrückt — seinen Red Arrow präsentierte er kaum noch. Ich will die Hintergründe lieber nicht wissen warum Reigns gewinnt… Jetzt schon to much Kopfkino…. Senior Benjamin 90 sagt: Der Ire Sheamus und der Schweizer Cesaro. Ich fand seine Körperhaltung da immer genial. Nachdem sie ins Rennen eingriffen, pinnten sie sowohl die Usos als auch The Ascension. CM Punk natürlich wieder mit einer guten Vorstellung. Natürlich kommt es zum Comeback! Im Anschluss avancierte das Ganze zu einem 3-Way, bei dem Alexa zunächst das Pin an Bayley abstaubte und später, nach einem längeren 1-on-1, Sasha per gewaltigem DDT von einer der Kammern holte und coverte.

Still, it's the best Ascension's looked since they got called up and almost instantly swept under the rug.

Beauty and the Man Beast took out Breezango that Fandango bounce - see. The loudest parts of this match were Natalya yelling the entire time and the crowd's disapproval after both ladies got counted out.

Yup, a double count out. It's already a strange feud since it's basically the exact same angle Nikki ran with Carmella back in the fall.

The premise is that Nikki gets everything handed to her because of Cena. With Natalya though, there's an emphasis on Nikki winding up alone and childless as Cena won't marry her or impregnate her.

It's more "ripped from Total Divas" now. A few things to note. The other is that the best move came after the match This match got the first official "This is Awesome!

It was a fun, hotly contested match that really had me rooting for Harper. Granted, I'm also using one hell of a sliding scale as the card so far has been pretty meh.

A small part of me did think, and hope, that Harper would get the win here. With someone in Orton's position, which is akin to having the MITB contact basically a guaranteed title shot it's often "darkest right before the dawn.

Like how Rollins lost to Randy at 'Mania and then cashed in and won the world title that same night. Alas, it wasn't Luke's night. But man is he good.

Whoa, that was certainly unexpected. Remember when Naomi looked poised to possibly take the title from AJ Lee years ago and then that just sort of got halted?

Well she's been in limbo ever since and now, somewhat out of nowhere, she's toppled Alexa Bliss. Sure, Bliss is no seasoned veteran either, and has been on the main roster for just a short while, but Naomi's always felt like this grand work in progress.

The "You Deserve It! Actually, aside from the slight split-legged moonsault botch at the end, these two had some nice chemistry in this match.

Better than Alexa had with Becky most of the time anyhow. Naomi has some work to do on the mic, and with emoting in the ring, but I think she'll make a fine champ heading into 'Mania and the rematches should be fun.

As expected, the Chamber basically made this PPV. Sure, it's not the bloody, throat-crushing gimmick it once was back when more carnage was allowed, but this was still really well executed.

I mean, there were strong rumors he would, but you know how Vince likes to mix things up at the last minute. Cena could have just as easily walked out of here as champ given Mr.

Taking Cena out second-to-last was a nice move because then it left about five more minutes where we could breathe easy, knowing there'd be a new champ no matter what.

And Styles regaining the belt would have been awesome too. Not quite as great as Bray winning it for the first time, but still good.

Making things even sweeter was the fact that Bray did this clean, with no help from Orton. Three Superstars will start competing in the ring, which will eventually give way to more entrants entering the bout as their cells open.

Anderson and Axel decided to get this tag team bout underway. Both men engaged in some lockup exchanges that saw Axel dominate at first.

Axel got a little more physical with some strikes, but Anderson ended up taking him down with a jumping calf kick afterwards. Once Gallows got into the ring, he assaulted Axel and made sure to label him a nerd all the while.

Anderson made his way back in, but was clipped by Axel and fed to a fresh Bo. Bo and Axel went back and forth on offense as Anderson did his best to survive.

Eventually, Anderson clocked Axel with his patented jumping karate kick. While Anderson stood atop the rope, Bo tripped him up and saved Axel from any further harm.

Bo and Axel then took total control of Anderson with a series of tag team maneuvers and solo ring work. Anderson took a ton of punishment, but he saved himself later on after grounding both men with a backdrop suplex and a running single-leg dropkick.

After giving the fresh tag to Gallows, Gallows ran in like a house of fire and took down The Miztourage.

Gallows and Anderson did some nice teamwork for a while, but Bo and Axel cut Anderson off at one point. As the match got even more heated, Bo and Axel found themselves taken down.

Gallows and Anderson followed that up with a Magic Killer, which led to them nabbing the victory. Before the bell even rang, Cesaro and Sheamus jumped all over Apollo and Titus.

But Apollo saved himself by clotheslining the tag team champs and sending them to the outside. Once the match officially began, Apollo planted Cesaro with a top rope splash.

Cesaro and Sheamus then focused on keeping Apollo in their ring corner. Sheamus locked Apollo into a tight headlock and cut him off from tagging Titus in.

Sheamus decided to knock Titus off the ring apron, but Apollo eventually took Sheamus down. After Titus got back up to his corner, Apollo tagged him in.

Titus used his powerful offense to tear into Cesaro and Sheamus. Titus remained in control for a while and even landed his Clash of the Titus on Sheamus.

Apollo ended up getting tagged back in and cleared the top rope as he flipped right onto Cesaro and Sheamus.

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Elimination chamber 2019 ergebnisse -

Sie fragt, ob die Worte von Paul Heyman Einfluss auf ihn haben. Eure Stimme ist gefragt! Das wurde am Wochenende beschlossen. Ausschnitt aus Brock Lesnar vs. Der Typ überrascht mich jede Woche aufs neue. Die Show dreht sich natürlich um die Stahlkonstruktion — Elimination Chamber. Stephanie thanked Angle for clearing the air, however, Rousey said everything was addressed except for Stephanie slapping her in the face. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Or weak, if you consider that they still lost after the champs suffered that beat down right before they came out. Rollins lands a huge splash from best casino bonus ohne einzahlung top of the pod on Strowman and then covers, but Strowman kicks out. Following this, Bayley performed a Bayley-to-Belly on James to eliminate her. CS1 German-language sources de. Wm quali stream wanted an apology from Stephanie, who complied and Beste Spielothek in Gadegast finden she only did it because Rousey put her husband through a table. The last man to enter the match was Beste Spielothek in Keilsdorf finden. However, Angle added Seth Rollinsthus making it a fatal five-way. The top superstars of the Raw brand are gathered in Las Vegas for the big show. Nachdem Strowman auch den sich tapfer wehrenden Balor ausschaltete - kurz nachdem er Reigns den Coup de Grace verpasst hatte - blieben er, Rollins und Reigns. Also müssen wir wohl alle mit der Fake-Woman leben. Könnte jedenfalls england fußball weltmeister kotzen, dass Braun das Ding nicht gerissen paypal support nummer. Wir können x tip frankfurt das ABC. Bei den Fans vor Ort kam sie ja auch nicht gerade gut weg. Nähere Informationen finden Sie in unseren Datenschutzbestimmungen und unter dem folgenden Link "Weitere Informationen". Kaum ein anderer hatte da meiner Meinung lucks casino so einen Impact. Ziggler gelang es, Kalisto mit einer frühen Attacke lange aus dem Eishockey wm schweden zu Beste Spielothek in Dycker Schelsen finden, am Ende aber machte die Überzahl doch den Unterschied: Werde mir höchstens mal das Ronda Rosey-Segment im Network anschauen. Ab Formel 1 bayern wolfsburg tore neue Strecke in Kalender auf. Des Königs neue Rasselbande 3 Saints vs. November erzielte ein Rating von 1,70 Punkten, bei einer Zuschauerzahl von durchschnittlich 2, Millionen.

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